You may not realize it but some of the most influential government decisions upon your everyday life are made and carried out by the various agencies of the Local, State, and Federal government. Many issues that come up through interaction with the administration of the government are not those that people typically handle on a day to day basis. Things like land use and zoning disputes, professional licensing, unemployment and other regulatory issues can be quite complex and require extensive knowledge of administrative processes and procedure.

Why Administrative Law Matters

Administrative law is everywhere, so much so that you might not even realize it. Let's put it this way, if you have a license to drive, administrative law affects you. The fact is that even in New Hampshire, there are alot of Administrative Agencies. Empowered by a variety of statutes, they regulate a wide range of everyday matters. The rules that these Agencies promulgate have legal effect and there are a lot of them. Whether, your professional license is being suspended, fighting a town zoning ordinance, or in a dispute with Unemployment, the outcome will rest on your ability to navigate a complex system of procedures and rules. A command of these rules and procedures can absolutely make the difference. 

The Administrative Process

The administrative process is one that has the legal effect of a Court of Law but one which might seem alien to most. For starters, the administrative process, although having fewer formalities, is one which can be confusing to many. There are a different set of procedures involved and they can vary in nature and process depending on the administrative setting. There are a multitude of rules to be aware of and comply with and the burden of proof is different. In fact, it is not just different, its lower. Unlike in criminal settings, the standard is preponderance of the evidence or in other words "more likely than not".  All of these procedures and rules will be used to determine serious aspects of a person's life such as whether they can still drive or whether than can keep performing their livelihoods. With such a low standard of proof and with so much at risk, it is always advisable to seek the advice of reliable and knowledgeable counsel. While you are not entitled to state appointed counsel administrative in matters, you are entitled to retain counsel to represent you in such matters. 

Contact a Skilled Administrative Law Attorney

In the case of Administrative matters, having an administrative law attorney help you navigate the complex procedures and rules of an Agency will only be an asset to you. Having an administrative law attorney who can provide you with reliable advice and counsel can make a world of difference. 

If you have an administrative law matter, the lawyers at McDonald, Rogers & Lorman can provide you with the advice and representation you need. Whether its a hearing with Unemployment, an administrative license suspension, or a zoning dispute, the lawyers at McDonald, Rogers & Lorman are standing by to provide you with the zealous representation you need to get you the results you deserve. Call today for a consultation to discuss your administrative legal needs.